Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well That Was Stupid

I did the ride thing this morning. I was feeling the need to ride since I didn't the day before. The forecast big snow for yesterday actually happened. It was hard to drive in and it would have been super hard to ride in. So... even though it was 9F, I headed out on the bike. The road surfaces were much worse than I expected, so I elected to ride to the Bus and take that over the river. That went reasonably well given the fact that temperature was falling like a rock. The ride home was way under my riding cut off (negative digits) but I rode home since the bike paths were all plowed. I found out that the Heating Insoles just don't keep up at -1F. I'll have to make some sort of over boot for them to cut the wind and get another insulating layer.

I did hit the clothing pretty well. I was a bit over dressed on the torso and under dressed on the legs. Ah well...

Got home in time to grab a snack, change clothes, and head over for Mark's Tuesday night class. I was working in there tonight. I was sorely tempted to wear my Tapas Yoga Shala shirt, but I wasn't up for the abuse that might have ensued.


Ann said...

Ha! We'll have to plan a night to wear our shirts. It might remind Mark that he has somewhere to be on Sundays... lol.

P.S. You're insane! It's FREEEEEZING outside!!

Z said...

Indeed... It might be good for a laugh. Where were you tonight?

Yeah... As I tell folks, I a committed cyclist or is that a cyclist that should be committed?

It is cold out there. I'm figuring on driving in the morning. More because the bike paths won't be cleared of snow than from the cold. But it's a real act of will to go out in the single digits.

Ann said...

I had to skip! Sadness!

I think a little bit of both!! lol.

OMG I hope you drive. Looks like it's going to be nasty out there!

Are you going Thursday?

Z said...

I'm planning on Thursday.

Jen said...

Hats off to you, man. well, maybe I'll keep my hat on. Stay warm!