Thursday, January 15, 2009

Death March Of The Penguins

Man... it's like cold out there. I've had the bike in the garage yesterday and today. It will also be there tomorrow. I've had a number of folks ask me if I've been riding. *lol* I'm not that crazy. But... if you want to see crazy, here's a little bike ride that I have no, nada, zero, zip, zilch plans to ever ride. It's the Arrowhead 135. It's your basic (ha!) ultraride. You have 60 hours to ride the 135 miles. Sounds easy, eh? Oh yeah... it's on the 1st weekend in February. It starts in International Falls, MN (aka Frostbite Falls) and goes to Tower, MN on the Canadian border. The temps there are such that it makes the current -15F a bit on the warm side. Here are a couple of blog post from the Surly Blog:
Surly is a little house brand of Quality Bicycle Products. My single speed, pictured above, is a Surly 1x1 that I absolutely love. A lot of folks use the Surly Pugsley for the Arrowhead. All of their stuff is well made, well thought out, a great value, and made of steel.

So... Instead of riding yesterday, it was two and a half hours on the spin bike at the gym followed by a yoga class (flow) . Today there was no yoga, sadness *lol*, at Indigo, so it was take the mat to the gym, knock out the Primary Series through Navasana, then two hours on the spin bike. It's looking like more quality time on the spin bike tomorrow and Happy Hour at DSY. It's suppose be be -29F tonight.

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Jen said...

Hope you did navasana x5!