Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It occurred to me on this mornings ride into work that the breathing that I do on the bike in the winter is pretty much 180 degrees opposite of that one does in yoga. This is especially true when it's uber cold. That's because I use a balaclava that has a heat exchanger built into it. You basically have to forcefully exhale and inhale through it. It requires real attention to the breath to do that when you ride. It's especially challenging when your climbing a hill and really having to work.

The ride into work the last two mornings has been a bit of a wakeup call. I'm finding it pretty hard on my legs. That suprises me a bit since I didn't really take a bunch of time off the bike over the holidays. I'm hoping that I'll be riding myself back into it.

Well... It's off to bed. It was a long day with a delightful wakeup call from work this morning at 0115 to fix a problem, the ride in and out of work scoring "bonus" miles, and Mark's class at Indigo. I hope I hear the alarm go off in the morning.

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