Friday, January 2, 2009

Iron Ashtangi Challenge Round II

Well... Round II of the Iron Ashtangi Challenge is in the books. It was a surprising turnout tonight. I'm thinking we had maybe 14 people in the room. Seven of the folks were brand spanking new. I'm thinking that this might have been a little happier Happy Hour than they might have intended. I'm a little hazy right now, but I'm thinking that we had five of the stay for the whole class. Impressive!

I was a pretty hurtin' unit. I did the flow yoga class at the gym this morning and then did twenty miles on the road bike after lunch. The road bike ride was nice. Man... is that easy to make it go. Quite a difference from the commuter bike with the five pound tires. It would just accelerate with the merest thought vs. the think and then work like a Roman galley slave to make it happen on the commuter. As a result of the earlier work, I was really not recovered before the class started. At one point in one of the vinyasas, my right arm just failed. Bam! Nothing left... move on... nothing more to see.

I'm thinking that instead of a certificate, maybe Evan and Kelly need to be awarding the "Purple Arm" medal. Or... maybe I'll get myself a new yoga mat like the one that I designed in the picture for this post. You can do that here - Some how, it seems fitting. Although, I will admit, I just can't see practicing on one of these mats. It would be way too weird.

I'll be doing the Cy-Yo class at the gym at 0700 tomorrow morning and then answering the bell for Round III at 1230, assuming that I can still move.

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Jen said...

Love that mat! It's one of a kind. See you tomorrow for round four.