Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Coffee!

Well... With no end in sight to this weather phenomena called "winter", I'm coming close to running out of home roasted coffee. Normally, I roast on the deck since coffee roasting produces a fair amount of smoke. The roaster that I am currently using, a first generation iRoast, (link & picture is for the iRoast2) doesn't care for ambient air temperatures under about 65F. This "winter" thing sort of puts the home roasting on hiatus. So... I've ordered some coffee up from Stumptown in Portland, OR. I have two bags of Hairbender coming my way. They roast tomorrow and then ship via USPS Priority mail. This is one espresso that is reputed to be "tricky". We'll see... I've had it before when I was at the Division Street store in Portland. If you are in Portland, it's worth a stop.

I'm also almost out of green coffee. To solve that problem, I've also ordered up some more green coffee from the best source of green coffee on the planet, Sweet Maria's. The UPS man will not be happy when he gets to heft a 31 pound box of green coffee on to the front porch. I have the following heading my way:

The Ophiolite blend has been getting very good reviews on the Home Roast list that I read. All of this should keep my stash from going to zero. That would be bad. The Auriferous is very new and I haven't read much about it, but I figured it would be good to have some to try.

Did the V2 class at the Shala after I got home from work.

Note to self: Legs tired after bike ride home featuring "bonus" miles. Makes yoga class harder.

If this was step down from the V3 class, this edition was a baby step down. I'm thinking that my arms and sholders will be going "Ouch!" in the morning. We'll see. One thing is certain, when my head hits the pillow tonight it's going to be "Bam! I'm sleeping!".

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