Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Is So Not Right

~set whine mode on~ There is something like a 50 degree difference in the temperature today vs. yesterday. If yesterday was a "normal" January day, I would be out riding in shorts today. This is just plain wrong. ~set whine mode off~

Woke up, fell outta of bed, did not drag a comb across my head (that would be pointless), had breakfast, two lovely double shots of Espresso Monkey, and hit the door for the gym. Did the CyYo class. Ninety minutes on the spin bike followed with 30 minutes of really basic yoga. The spin part went well. The data out of the heart rate monitor said I averaged 127 bpm for the 90 minutes. I'm not sure why it was that high. I didn't think I was going that hard or maybe I'm getting sick. I'm hoping for the former.

Stopped for a latté at the library and then headed home for a snack, a short nap, and then it was pack up and head off for more yoga in the V3 Class at the Shala. Just four of us today. Ann apparently has been visited by the Bad Flu Fairy - Get Well Soon! There were a number of things in class that went well. And then there were the things that just made me smile with the absurdity of the thought of me doing it. I was also being amused at hearing and seeing the steam coming out of the radiators. I suspect that the boiler has been turned up to full power given the arctic weather of the past few days. It's going to to be an über toasty one tomorrow! After class, my upper back was really feeling it.

On the way home, I checked out the river front bike path and decided that given it's snowy state and my lack of energy, it would be lunch followed with a nap instead of a bike ride. I'm already seventy miles short of last year at this time. This really isn't a worry since I did most of my miles for January last year in the first half of the month. Given the mid range weather forecast, I'll be back ahead in a week or so.

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