Saturday, December 20, 2008

Helpful Yoga Tip

Well... It was another interesting class V3 at Tapas Yoga Shala. Lots of stuff way over my head, but it's always fun to give it a whirl. I might do some of those thing in this lifetime... maybe not. But it's all about the journey. That's really the important part. There is a post describing some of the fun up over at Subtle Bliss. You'll need to read that before the next paragraph makes complete sense.

Then there was today's Quotastic "panic or breathe" thing. It's always tough choice. Whenever we get reminded to breathe in a yoga class I'm amused. It always makes me think of this Looney Tunes cartoon, Dough Ray Me-ow.

The line that I hear in my head occurs about one minute into the clip - "Breathe, Stupid! Breathe! You forgot to breathe again!". I'm happy that all that time watching The Floppy Show during the lunch hour in college was well spent. I'm now sure if any of my fellow yogis read this, they will now be having the same thoughts when that reminder is uttered.

Dough Ray Me-ow

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