Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ramblings Part II

Well... We made it back yesterday. It was a good trip. Got to drive back through some pretty nasty fog east of Des Moines, but it really just required a bit of concentration and attentiveness to things. Shoveled the drive and dealt with a big time ice dam on the roof, oh joy.

This morning's fun was the 0715 Cy-Yo class at the gym for 90 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of yoga with the spin folks. They all think I'm Mr. Gumby. I tell them that they should see the folks that I practice with. It looks like the next real yoga class will be at the Shala tomorrow, weather permitting, just kidding.

It's kind of weird having a week off of work with nothing planned. I suspect that I'm going to be seriously abusing myself at the gym, on the bike, and at the yoga studio for the next week.


Ann said...

Bueno. Glad you all made it back okay. I'll see you there tomorrow. I haven't yoga'd since last Saturday's Classfromhell III. So tomorrow shall be interesting. I'll be the one passing out and dying in the back of the room!!! (Similar to normal, but worse).

Ann :)

Z said...

Yeah... We are glad to be back. I never sleep well in hotels. And the bed was way too soft for me. The back was not happy. I was seriously tempted to grab the comforter and the winter travel blanket from the car and sleep on the floor.

I'm sure you'll do fine. Not sure if the daughter will be coming. She's off to run around with friends for the second night in a row.