Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well... We made it down to Kansas City with no troubles. One minor delay on I-35 while an accident was cleared, but other than that and the occasional snow squall, it was a dull and boring trip. Just the kind I like.

The image to the left is one that Apollo 8, the first trip around the moon, shot on this day 40 years ago. It still amazes me when I see it. If you look close, you can see the much younger version of me waving. (From the earth)
  • As seen on the menu at breakfast menu at Subway in Grimes, Iowa - Biscuit Gravy Juice. Mmmm.... The breakfast of champions. A little bit of punctuation goes a long way.
  • When eating pizza at Minsky's (my favorite) two nights ago. We had ordered several half baked ones to take with us for dinner the next night at my sisters. When the waitress person came back with the bill, she wanted to know if we wanted the half baked to go. Hmmm... let's see.
  • The lovely fire alarm during breakfast yesterday. It seems that a sprinkler pipe burst causing the fire alarm to go off when it sensed water flow in the sprinklers. One of the staff who was tell folks it was a false alarm said, "If you see me running, then you should run too".

The daughter and I did a practice at The Yoga Room in downtown St. Joesph Missouri. It was sparsely attended, but a good class. It's always interesting to take classes in other towns. We didn't do anything seriously hard, but the sequencing was interesting. I also have done the Primary Series (in an abbreviated fashion) thing for the last two morning here at the hotel. I will admit that it's not the easiest thing to do when I first roll out of bed.

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