Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today's Workout

Well... We are currently in the middle of getting a +4" snow dump. I've even fired up the ancient Deere snow blower that I bought for my Dad some 25 years ago. It still runs, sort of. I'm not sure for how much longer though. It gave up after I had most everything done, but the sidewalks. That was after a bolt that holds the handle managed to fall out. I suspect I'll be finding it sometime in April. I did find the nut, so I should be able to find a replacement bolt for it at the world's best hardware store, K & K. Right now, it's being held together with a lovely black zip tie. Those are about the most useful things ever, right after duct tape. I finished the walks with the shovel.

I took the day off work to take a friend of mine's mother down to Galesburg to catch the Amtrak. She's off to the east to visit with one of her other son's and then is flying to California to visit with more of her children. I'm hoping that I can remember to pick her up at the airport in January.

Mark's class power yoga class at Indigo has canceled, as has my backup class at Gold's. With no yoga and no ride today, I'm not sure how I'll managed. I'm developing an overwhelming urge to sit on the sofa, drink beer, and watch some sort of sports event on the telly. I hope the madness ends soon.

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