Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome To Rock Island

Well... It was a different ride in this morning. It was a balmy 2F at the airport this morning when I rolled. Given that we had the 4 inches of snow yesterday I figured that I really didn't want to try the bike paths in the dark. So... I road the three miles over to the bus hub and hopped the Red Route 1 bus over the river. Good call

The ride home today completely validated my thinking. Moline had plowed things. Not problem there. Rock Island hadn't. It was really, really hard. In retrospect, I should have done the 7th Ave thing past Augie. It would have been more up, but probably easier that riding on that mess. Davenport and Bettendorf had things in really nice shape too. The hands down winner, though, was the Rock Island Arsenal. They had plowed, then salted the new connector. It was your basic dry pavement! I'm thinking that tomorrows ride is going to be on all city streets. It's the easiest thing to ride on. Now I just have to figure out where to go...

Oh yeah, it was the slowest 17 miles of the year... Just over two hours. That said, I was feeling ok in the sparsely attended Thursday night yoga class. Way better than last night, when I was pretty much skipping all of the vinyasas. My arms and legs were seriously worn out.


Ann said...

I still can't believe this... I have a hard time going out in the cold to start my car in the a.m. and here you are riding your bike to work. You're awesome.

Sadness. I missed the Wednesday class due to I280 taking FOREVER AND A DAY on the way home. How was it?


Z said...

Well... I tell people that I'm a committed cyclist or perhaps a cyclist that should be committed. Truth be told, the hardest thing about it is getting out the door. Once you do that, it's easy.

The Wednesday class consisted of Lawyer Mike, Rene, and myself. Nothing really over the top. I actually felt that I was pretty "on" for the class. Today's yoga plan is the 1000 class at the gym and then happy hour at the davenport school from 1730 to 1830. I also have to get ride in. Saturday will be the ridiculously hard Vinysasa III class at the shala.

Ann said...


I'll see ya there tomorrow!