Friday, November 7, 2008

Ti Frame Update

I've been pleasantly surprised. The folks at Trek Corporate didn't bat an eye. The local Trek Store folks (Thank you Jeff and Bill) took a couple of pictures, made a couple of calls, and I'll be on a new frame in a couple of weeks. The thing that I find amazing is that there were a pair of bare metal Ti frames in 53cm available. That really has my head spinning since they haven't made these in about five years.

So... the only hard thing about the deal is picking a paint color. I decided to go with the Chi Red. I already have a yellow Lemond and I wasn't really sure about an orange bike. I really liked having the brushed metal frame, but I'm quite happy to have the Ti frame vs "plastic". The only real delay in getting this done is that I want the fork painted to match the frame. All things said, right now, I'm a happy camper.


the mostly reverend said...

did they have ralph building those frames? i've had a couple of mine break like that.

Z said...

Not that I know of... The hole that gets drilled is a big stress riser. Plus... Ti needs an oxygen free environment to do the welding. I suspect that they may not have been as careful on the "accessory" welds as they are on the main ones.