Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Was Just Riding Along And...

Well... It was an "interesting" finish to today's ride home from work. I was going up this serious steep little pitch behind the house. I was a bit tired from yesterday's lifting session, yoga, and second night of poor sleep. As a result, I didn't quite have as much speed as I usually carry right there. I was just about stalled and thinking.... clip out? punch it? clip out?? punch it?? clip out??? PUNCH IT!!! So... I yanked super hard on the bars and ~snap~ my left crank arm goes from one piece to two pieces. I wind up checking out the ground up close. No big deal, just scuffed the right knee a bit and walk 200 meters to the house. Went to the spin class and then a stop at the bike shop. I have a used crank back on the bike and it should suffice for awhile. I'm seriously considering steel at this point. Time to surf for alternatives. Any suggestions for my Surly 1x1?

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