Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On The Down Slope

Man... It's been a long day. I didn't have near enough of the alkaloid referenced to the left. I also wimped out in a major league fashion today. I rode over and caught the bus this morning since the air temp was a balmy 2F when I rolled and then there was that wind out of the northwest at 14mph. I wasn't really in the mood to suffer this morning. When I was loading the bike, I managed to slip on some ice and hyper-extend the left knee. It's not been happy since. So... I decided to do the bus home since I didn't want to find out it wouldn't work where I couldn't get an easy extraction from my stupidity. It seem to work ok for the ride from the bus to the house. So... I elected to go to yoga at Indigo tonight. It wasn't the best practice and the knee reminded me that it was there a couple of times. Right now, I have a fair amount of ibuprofen in me and a liberal slathering of Polar lotion on it and the calf. We'll see how it is in the morning.

I'll probably be wimping out again in the morning as it's supposed to be -3F for a low.

Note: The graph above is from Tom Edwards. You can purchase a lovely coffee mug with this graph on it here.


Ann said...

Oh God! Sorry about the knee and the fall!!!! I hope you are o.k.!! Keep us posted.

This is no bueno! I also did an "oops" to my knee in yoga!! Well, I know it's from yoga since I don't do anything else. Ha. It's been bothering me for a little while now but I was too scared to do anything about it (I'm anti-needles, hence surgery) but finally my chiro started fixing it last night :) :) :)

Z said...

Behold the power of rest, it feels fine this morning. So, it's going to be ride to the bus again this am given that it's all of 2F out there.

Ah... we were wondering where you were last night. Knee problems really suck. Now it's time to fire up the espresso machine and beginning to head up the slope.

the mostly reverend said...

thanks for the graph, but, man--OUCH.

my advice: keep eating vitamin I, and actually DO rest.

Z said...

Hey Rev,

Yeah... I'm about to have my first helping of Vitamin I of the day. I didn't want to mask things just so I knew what was going on with it. It was all good on the roll to the bus this morning.