Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Harbinger Of Spring

Well... I was feeling the need to replenish the beer supply the other day since I was down to my last 4 bottles of 2 Below. I was hoping to pick more of that up. So... after abusing myself at the Saturday Vinyasa III class at the Shala, it was beer run time. I headed over to HyVee in Rock Island. I wandered in, grabbed a trolley (British for cart), and headed to where the 2 Below should be. I found the New Belgium products, but... no 2 Below! There was 1554 and Fat Tire, but no 2 Below. There was one other beer sporting the NB colors. Something called Mighty Arrow. Upon further inspection, I discovered that it's NB's spring seasonal. So... I picked up a six of it to give it a test drive. It's an IPA, which is right up there in my book. After a bottle of it, I'm thinking that I'm glad it's spring. It grades out as a B+ over at Beer Advocate.

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