Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Post?

Wow... My posting has been slacking off. I guess that's because I have been spending lots of time on the bike and in the yoga studio. I guess I'll just do them in list fashion.

  1. Big mileage month... I wound up with 1392 for the month with just one day off the bike. I seem to be tolerating it. I don't think I'll have anything approaching that in September. I'm hoping for something between 1000 and 1200. We'll see...
  2. Yoga - That has also been picking up. I'm how managing to practice four times a week. Two with Mark at Indigo and two at Gold's. Today was a "bonus" practice. The daughter and I showed up for Evan & Kelly's Ashtanga class at the Davenport School of Yoga. That consisted of the full primary series. I managed to get through it with a few substitutions here and there. I haven't sweated like that in a long while. Then it was lunch and 30 miles on the bike,
  3. Last Friday, I meet up with Rick and we did a little ride to the Chief Blackhawk Antique Motor Cycle Swap Meet and Races. That was way cool. It was very interesting to see all of the very old motorcycles. It's very evident how much motorcycles have in common with bicycles when you see the old ones.
  4. I also wandered through a WWII ship that was in town. The ship was the LST 325. It was brought back to the US by a small group of veterans in 2001. I can't image taking that across the Atlantic. It is the only remaining one out of 1061 that is still in use in the original configuration.
Well... That's all for now. I think I need to have a little nap... about ten hours worth.

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