Sunday, September 14, 2008

Semi Monthly Post?

It seems that I'm slipping into that mode. All is going well. Still putting the miles in, although not at the same rate as last month. Let see...

  1. All of the tri folks that I was training with did well at IronMan Cheeseland. Jen kicked butt and qualified for Kona next year. I think that is a good thing... I'm suspect that I'm going to be getting hammered more than this year.
  2. The weekly Ashtanga practice continues. I believe that this is the third week for the Sunday class and myself now. I still am muddling through. I had the sweat going big time today. It was also the debut of the cloth rug for the seated poses. It worked really well, much better than the bath towel that I'd been using. Although, I think a wet-vac might have been in order at the end.
  3. Did the Heartland Century yesterday with Laurel, the person that does body work on me. That was fun. It was raining big time the whole way. She was time constrained so we did the half. I believe we were two of the maybe twenty people that rode. I suspect that I was the only nutter that actually signed up day of the ride. I rode the 1x1 with the fenders and lights. Did ok for a single speed (40x17), something like 3:30.
  4. I came close to having a zero day today. It was nasty cold and rainy this morning. Fortunately, it stopped raining and I was able to slip out for an hour and a half. I'm going to have to manage 33/day to hit 1000 for the month. It's do-able, but I have to keep this fun and not obsess on the numbers.
  5. Cleaned the espresso machine and the grinder today. It was past time. The shots were starting to be a bit off. I'm also going to need a dry day to roast. I'm getting down there to the point the coffee won't have as much rest as I like. Stupid rain...

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