Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ouch! or Surrender Z!

Holy Socks! I am officially toast. I went on the group ride today after work. I believe that it could be characterized as "hard". We had a really nasty wind to deal with. So... there was tailwind, there was cross wind, there was head wind. Did I mention the head wind? Oh yeah... I also rode in and out of work today. That helped to soft the legs up some first. *lol* When will I learn?

I got sawed off about 18 miles in. I just couldn't managed to deal with going 33mph for that long in the first cross section. So... I suffered by myself for a few miles until a small group got up to me. I then had some help to get through it. Wound up with 37 miles in 1:59. Not too bad for one of my first go fast attempts of the year.

We did have one Quote-tastic moment. On the bike path section heading back in, a woman that I hadn't met that was in the little suffer group managed to get herself "stuck" at the front. In an attempt to shame one of us into coming to the front and get someone else to work, she said "Ok ladies... who else wants to work?" I was laughing hard at that comment. In a later conversation, I found out that she had been on one or two of the previous weeks ride. But she didn't know anyone in the suffer group. She's going to fit right in with this crew.

Now it's time to crawl into bed and attempt to sleep. I suspect I'm not going to be sleeping well tonight give the level of effort from the group ride and how wired I am right now.

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