Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Fire

Well cats and kittens... This Z been schooled. Did the Hearts on Fire: An Anusara Radical Expansion Class at the Shala this morning. The class was led by Sara Strothers who practices and teaches in the Chicago area. This was definitely big city work. I was completely and utterly toasted and it didn't take 40 miles in a nasty crosswind to do it. That said, I'm quite glad that I did this. I learned a number of new things and perhaps more importantly a little more about how to approach my practice. We get the day off tomorrow from the normal Sunday practice and I'm thinking most folks that were in the room aren't too sad about that.

In honor of today's little exercise in flexibility, here's a something that's a bit out of character for my "normal" Saturday Night Guitar Madness posts, Joe Satriani doing Up In Flames, with bonus points for being shot in Tokyo.

Note: I really wanted something with ninja's but I couldn't find anything I liked.


Ann said...

Hahaha. Schooled is right - o...m...g....... That was some serious yogaing! I seriously learned A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is soooo nice and such a good teacher.

Jen said...

Sounds like a good time, I'm sad I missed it.

Z said...

It was uber hard. What a day to forget the rug. My mat was a Slip & Slide toward the end. When we finally got around to doing Urdhva Dhanurasana, I could only manage it for a couple of breaths each time. Not because I was too tired, but because my hands were sliding toward the top of the mat. When I was going up into it, you could hear my head making this "squishy noise" as I went up. *lol*