Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well... After two hard days at the Shala, I'm starting to recover. Yesterday was the normal off the hook V3 class. Some things I can do, something things I can't. I find it very easy to tell the difference. Then it was a little rest and back for the Primary Series 2nd half workshop. I was hurting at the end of that. The left leg was going in and out of cramps, so I elected to sit out the some of the walk through. I did find it useful and learned a number of things.

Then this morning, as I was looking for the directions to where I was going in Iowa City, I discovered that I was going to be early. About seven days early. Good thing I noticed. So... it was a mad dash to get out the door for the led Primary Series class. Man... my arms were not being happy. The right one basically decided it was done being useful after Utpluthee. The next vinyasa wasn't pretty. Then I hung out for the Student Conference. It was informative and interesting.

In musicland, I've just stumbled into Jonathan Coulton. There are number of songs you can listen to. I find Code Monkey amusing.

And here's a cover that's also amusing

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