Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Post Fits All

My oh... Today's led Primary Series class at the Shala had me in full drip mode early on. I'm thinking that the folks surrounding me might have been thinking about starting to fill sand bags to deal with the sweatage. My rug was completely damp when I folded it up after practice. *lol* We had a whole bunch of folks in the room today. We were missing the Iowa City visitors, I suspect the weather yesterday was the cause of that. We were also missing a couple of regulars. Which means we had some new folks, which is always a good thing.

Now I need to get into recovery mode and maybe to a ride in. The snow is pretty much gone where the sun has been hitting it. The ride into work tomorrow morning isn't looking like it will be something approaching "circus act", as I had been fearing.

Then it's off to the Redstone Room to see Railroad Earth this evening. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make most of the show. I had a great time the last time these folks played there. I just need to keep in mind when my alarm goes off for the ride into work. Doors are early, so that should help.


Ann said...

OMG. I have never been so sore - even after my first full primary series class. I am beyond the l and b, and focusing on meditating and having an out of body experience.

Have fun at the Redstone Room! Let us know how it was :)

Z said...

I don't think I would have selected Saturday's class as a yoga re-entry point. Beyond L&B??? Hmmm.... I'll have to think about what that might be.

Jen said...

Maybe you're full on drip was related to your 2nd row position. I bet you secretly hide a fan in the back corner!

BG said...

I agree with Jen....your 'spot' was taken, along with your hidden fan, AC, beer cooler, etc. I try not to get attached to any one spot, but NEXT TO THE RADIATOR is not recommended! Bring a mop.

BG said...

Hey man, stupid question. How do you include a hyperlink in a blog RESPONSE? I mean, I know you can just do it in the HTML, but is there an easier way?

Ann said...

BG, I want to know that as well!

Z said...

Well... Y'all have found me out. I've got the A/C, beer cooler, cell phone holder, and towel going in the corner. It's so... um... relaxing.... yeah... that's it. :)

In all seriousness, there is a bit of air that creeps under the door. I actually find it a bit annoying and I've tossed my towel next to it to chop the air flow.

The comments question... I believe that you have to do it the "hard way" with good old html. I suspect that Google/Blogger doesn't want to make it easier to do comment spam. To include a comment you'd do the following:

(a href="") ICANN.ORG (/a)

Actual link - ICANN.ORG

Note: I've replaced the "<" with "(" and the ">" with ")" so you can see the code and not have it "linkerize".

BG said...


Yeah. that's what I figured for the blog response links. I can do it, just thought there might be an easier way that I missed.

On another topic: that Redstone Room is sweet! Jen and I went there for the first time to see "Cracker (unplugged)" last month. It was great: no smoke, small (but nice quality) venue, plenty of seating, great view of the stage (with the vid screens available for any guit-box solos), great acoustics: All in all, a class act.
On the other hand, I saw more aging hipsters there than I did at The Replacements playing the Col Ballroom in '91. A bevy of scarves, ribbed turtlenecks, and hipster glasses. And those were the GUYS!