Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Hour or But Where's The Beer?

The Davenport School of Yoga had the first of it's Yoga Happy Hours yesterday. My daughter and I were among the crowd in the packed room. The instructor de jour, Johanna, was thrilled with numbers in the room. It was great to practice in that kind of energy filled room. There was a quite a mix of folks in the room. From people doing their first class, us folks in the middle, to other yoga teachers. The two best quotes from the class were at the end. One guy asked, "But when does happy hour start?" and the other was someone commenting on Kelly (one of the instructors taking the class), "I think you must be missing several bones". That was in relation to when we did Upavista Konasana (wide angle seated forward fold) and Badda Konasna (bound angle). Kelly had her head on the floor in both of them.

I am stoked for the Sunday, Led Ashtanga Primary Series class. I expect the room to be packed since the first round of the Intro class ended last week. I expect a number of folks to get their eyes opened. Or at least one...

Last Tuesday, a woman that has been taking the Intro class commented in Mark's Tuesday class at Indigo, "This class is much harder than that Sunday class will be". At that, Brian, Jill, Julia, Mark, Mike and myself all start laughing. Should be interesting .

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E and K said...

That intro class thing didn't really work out eh???