Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Day

Holy Socks! Today's ride sucked, or to be more precise, blew. The wind was super nasty, 20 to 30 out of the north west with gusts to 45. I gave up 45 minutes in and turned for home. That part was easy. I'm dreading the ride into work tomorrow morning. Low of 29 with... flurries in the forecast. I may break the winter shoes out.

I was hoping that the snow would stay away until December. That said, I'm now over 8.4k miles for the year and should have a 1k miles for the month by the end of the month. 10k for the year is starting to look possible without being stupid.

I did get to the gym Saturday for the spin class. It was fun and not fun. I still seem to have lots of leg speed. I find that surprising since I haven't been working on it at all. The single speed must help keep it there. I also made the last of Evan's classes at Indigo. That makes eight days in a row for the yoga. Today's led class was fun. You've heard of hot yoga? Well... this was cold yoga. The heat in the building isn't working too well and my toes were cold pretty much throughout the class.

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