Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Weekend

My oh... The fun-o-meter was full on this weekend. On Saturday, I did the QCBC Tailwind Century ride. The club takes a look at the wind forecast the day before and then pulls out a route sheet that should work. So... we hopped on the bus and went to Norway, Iowa. Got the bike off the truck and started heading home. I spent the day riding with a friend of mine, Laurel, who is training for an IronMan distance triathlon. We were rolling pretty well all day. Given that she wanted to do this with the same sort of nutrition plan she'd be using, it was kind of the same sort of deal for me. For the ride, I had 3 Gatorade's, 1 bag of SportsBeans, 1 PowerBar, 1 PowerGel, and I did grab 1 cookie from what the ride had for lunch. (Just about 1000 calories) All that for a ride of 112 miles with an on the road time of 6 hours flat and an elapsed time of 7 hours. I was a tired little teddy bear when I got home. Then it was rest a bit, have dinner and the mow the yard. From the HR data, I had an average HR of 120 and used up about 3500 calories.

The riding today was a bit more sedate. Did a cruise for a bagel and a coffee this morning before the Primary Series at the Shala. That went way... way... better than I thought it would. I was figuring that the abuse I heaped on myself yesterday would make things be "not happy". I also changed where I was practicing in the room. Given that the radiator wasn't radiating, I practiced next to it. It was a different perspective, but I really don't care for being next to it. Then it was head home and then out for another ride with the daughter. That was the first one of the year for her. She even made up the hill by the house without walking. She was pretty happy with that. She attributes her success from a bunch of work on the elliptical trainer at the Y this winter.

Now it's time to pack up for tomorrow and the ride to work.

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Ann said...

The fun-o-meter cracked me up! For real!

Okay, I'm an idiot. Do you drink/eat while riding or is this during breaks? And what are SportsBeans? Sounds healthy.

Who keeps stealing your corner? Brian...???? :)