Tuesday, May 13, 2008

But What Happens If....

I'd like to welcome a special guest to my B2WW Blog. Please give a special B2WW Blog welcome to Obviousman. Obviousman, I was hoping that you can answer this vital question, "What happens if it rains?"

Obviousman - "You get wet".

Thank you, Obviousman

Seriously... The little bit of rain that that occurred during my ride home today was no big deal. It wasn't even worth pulling out the rain jacket. Now I will admit that I do have fenders on my commuter bike and I was wearing clothing that will keep me warm if it gets wet. The only real consideration was to be careful turning onto the Viaduct Bridge and the Government Bridge. Wet metal is very slick and you do have to be careful. The same goes for painted lines and cross walks on the road.

I did have my first Gold Finch sighting of the year today.

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