Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another RAGBY Memory

Well... I won't be stopping at the Cove when RAGBY stops in Tipton this year. The Cove, after 42 years of operation, closed on the 4th of February.

I made my wait staff debute here the last time RAGBY was in Tipton, 1982. We had stopped for breakfast there. Even though it was well away from the RAGBY route, it was completely overrun. I was out of coffee and got up to get myself a refill. I wound up making and pouring coffee for about 45 minutes. I was styling in my green skin suit and road shoes.

They auctioned off the contents of the Cove on the 15th. The most coveted item was the dinosaur pictured above. It sat outside the restaurant and was visible from I-80. It went for $4600. I always enjoyed seeing it when I drove by. I hope it does well in it's new home.


Steve Fuller said...

AUUUUGGHGHHH!!! I've driven by that Dinosaur a thousand times along I-80 and I always meant to stop there and eat. Now I'll never get my chance. As long as that restaurant was there, I figured the food and atmosphere had to be good.

Z said...

Well... I was by there in the car today. The dinosaur was still there. I'd love to have it in the front yard, but I think the neighbors would notice.