Monday, January 28, 2008

Back On The Bike

Well... The commuter bike is back on the road this morning. I can't believe that I've been off the bike (outside) for a week. It was a pretty non eventful ride in and out of work today. Most of the ice and snow was gone. What was there was was eminently ridable. It is looking like we are going to have a high in the morning in the mid 40’s and then back to the single digits with 1” to 2” of snow. Bleah

I did get the bolt for the secondary light clamp cut off so I can get a replacement. The bolt had basically rusted to the nut and I could not get the clamp to tighten. No amount of penetrating oil would get into the threads. So... after yoga tonight, it's a trip to the hardware store for a replacement in stainless steel. I think that I should just replace all of the bolts in stainless... I seem to be doing them one at a time.

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